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If you have what to sell, we want to hear from you! From small stores to large chains, from a single pallet to an entire warehouse, no matter what we you have to sell we want to buy it.

We want to buy consumer goods:

No deal is too big. No deal is too small.

Please contact us with any of the following

  • Closeouts

  • Liquidations

  • Overstocks

  • Buy Backs

    Buy Backs
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    Shelf Pulls
  • Surplus

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Here’s how you can GET CASH RIGHT AWAY!

JR Trading works with both long-established businesses as well as start-ups selling their excess merchandise. We make every effort to go the extra mile for our clients, especially small businesses who have minimal resources. Submit a description of your deal. Then provide us with a sample or give us access to a sample, so we can assess the quality of your inventory. In addition, if your product line is too broad and diverse to send us representative samples, we are often willing to visit your warehouse, physically inspect the inventory, and make an offer right on the spot to buy your closeouts!


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