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One of the worst situations your business can find itself in is being saddled with excess inventory, or inventory that simply won’t move or that you can’t afford to promote. Carrying and properly storing the unproductive inventory takes up valuable space, time and money. It can lead to your initiating cutbacks as a cost-saving measure, cutbacks which might make it more difficult for your business to compete. It’s a lose-lose cycle that can cripple or kill a business.

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Searching the World Over For Products People Need


JR Trading was founded in New Jersey by Jacob (“Yanky”) Feingold. Right from the start, Jacob could not understand how much people had to overpay for a wide variety of everyday items, like nutritional supplements, knives, pet supplies, toys and games, kitchen equipment, bathroom supplies, cosmetics, consumer electronics, even furniture.

On the other hand, we have found companies that have been stuck warehousing products they can move. In the short term our mission is to expand the types of value-priced products we sell to customers (both individuals and companies), to explore expanded ways of getting our message across and to provide fast, efficient, above-board financial relief, by buying unwanted inventory to companies that cannot move their products fast enough. In the longer term view, our vision is to grow the company, expand our trading partner relationships and serve customers throughout the world.

Our promise to consumers is that we will only sell good quality, value-priced goods, so that our customers can afford to buy things they need without strapping their budget. Our promise to sellers is to provide to help turn burdensome assets into cash.

An asset that is just sitting there is not only not making you money; it is costing you money to store it. JR trading is a national Business-to-Business wholesale merchandise closeout company. Our home office is located in Lakewood, NJ and we have hundreds of thousands of square feet of warehouse space to accommodate any size purchase!

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