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One of the worst situations your business can find itself in is being saddled with excess inventory, or inventory that simply won’t move or that you can’t afford to promote. Carrying and properly storing the unproductive inventory takes up valuable space, time and money. It can lead to your initiating cutbacks as a cost-saving measure, cutbacks which might make it more difficult for your business to compete. It’s a lose-lose cycle that can cripple or kill a business.

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JR Trading is Your Answer!

We are Liquidators!

JR Trading will buy your excess inventory for cash and liquidate it through one or more of our carefully-selected channels.

You can easily and quickly convert your excess items into cash now! By selling your closeout merchandise to us will significantly help your company's cash flow and bottom line. When we buy your excess inventory, you can, at least, get back a portion of your cost of production for these and unsold products. This will also make room for new products that are in demand by customers. You will also have more time to concentrate on selling more profitable goods.

You are in the right place if you are interested in selling your merchandise to one of the industry’s premier and most reputable closeout companies.

Why have closeout, overstock, surplus, and discontinued merchandise taking up valuable warehouse space? Wouldn't you rather have the room available for better uses? Wouldn’t turning it into instant money seem like a good idea? Isn't it better to get rid of the old and bring in the new? We think the choice is obvious.

You can count on our professional team of merchandise liquidators. JR Trading works with both long-established businesses as well as start-ups selling their excess merchandise. We make every effort to go the extra mile for our clients, especially small businesses who have minimal resources. In addition, if your product line is too broad and diverse to send us representative samples, we are often willing to visit your warehouse, physically inspect the inventory, and make an offer right on the spot to buy your closeouts.

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